The vast land in the skies was created as a shelter from the predicted flood.

Some escaped from the disaster into the skies, while many left on the surface perished and lost everything in the flood.

Even after the flood has subsided, and living on the surface was made possible again, those who moved to the land in the skies never returned.

That was the birth of two worlds - the Heights and the Depths.


A man-made island in the skies.
Life in the Heights is under the control of the "Temple",
a government that also decides on the people's partner in marriage.
Peace is maintained in the Heights by sending criminals to the Depths.
"Heights: Temple"

The center of the Heights, responsible for all judicial, legislative, and executive functions.
The Heights is governed by politicians who are mainly aristocrats. At the heart of the government, stands the revered Yune Sekiei.


It is a world built by those who miraculously survived the flood.
Without the concept of country or a government, each district is governed by a person of power within its land.
Unlike the Heights, the Depths has developed its own unique mechanical culture.
"Depths: Liberalitas"

The name of the district governed by the Valentine Bank.
Most of the inhabitants are made up of people who survived the flood.

"Depths: Sanctuary District"

The area in the Depths where criminals from the Heights live in.
A tall wall separates the criminals from the outside world.
A tower that connects the Heights and the Depths was erected in the Sanctuary District.


The organization sent by the Temple from the Heights to manage the Sanctuary District.
They will hunt down anyone who disobeys them like ferocious hounds.

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