Nintendo Switch

Title Steam Prison
Platform Nintendo Switch、Nintendo Switch Lite
Genre A Romance Adventure in an Unjust World
Release date Scheduled 25 February 2021 (Thurs)
Purchase Digital copy Nintendo e Shop
ESRB Mature 17+
(Blood,Strong Language,Suggestive Themes,Violence)
Language Japanese, English,
Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese)
(※This is the same as the contents of steam.)
※Voice in Japanese only
Official Twitter Account @HuneX_info_EN


Original Concept
Yumas / HuneX
Copyright notation
Original Story / Scenario Writer
Character Design / Concept Art
Ichiiro Hako
SD Illustration
project lights


Eltcreed Valentine
Shirai Yuusuke
Ulrik Ferrie
Takatsuka Tomohito
Furukawa Makoto
Ines Heinrich Heine
Kimishima Tetsu
Yune Sekiei
Takase Yasuyuki
Fin Euclase
Shingaki Tarusuke

Update patch

■Version 1. 0.1(Updated content)

・Fixed the error where the default name was not called in English or Chinese (Simplified & Traditional).
・Error in English text has been corrected.
・Other minor bugs in the text has been corrected.

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