Cyrus Tistella (Only first name can be changed / No voice acting.)
【Character Theme: Justice】
Age: 18 / 158cm
Raised in the Heights. Works to protect the people as a Rank One officer.
Dignified, and possessed of a firm belief in hard work and justice, she regularly clashes with those around her.
She is sent to the Depths on an observation mission.

"I sacrifice myself for the law and justice.
I can't overlook a crime."


Eltcreed Valentine CV: Shirai Yuusuke
【Character Theme: Charity】
Age: 25 / 178cm
Rules the district of Liberalitas in the Depths and heads the Valentine Bank.
Polite to everyone and very gentlemanly.
Does talk rather a lot, but the people trust him.

"Request and I shall give.
That is the man Eltcreed Valentine."


Ulrik Ferrie CV: Takatsuka Tomohito
【Character Theme: Prudence】
Age: 18 / 168cm
An elusive information broker born in the Depths.
He and Eltcreed go back a long time and the latter gives him many jobs to do.
Aloof and cynical. Has his own reasons to hate people from the Heights.

"I don't want someone to protect me."


Adage CV:Furukawa Makoto
【Character Theme: Temperance】
Age: 26 / 175cm
A doctor living on the outskirts of the sanctuary district controlled by the HOUNDS.
Seems unemotional, but takes care of his patients and is well-liked.
Sent to the Depths for an unspecified crime.

"Besides, I don't have what it takes to love someone."


Ines Heinrich Heine CV: Kimishima Tetsu
【Character Theme: Fortitude】
Age: 29 / 180cm
Vice-commander of the HOUNDS, who rule the sanctuary district in the Depths.
Popular, but serious and rigid in a way the ruffians in the HOUNDS aren't.
Knows the doctor, Adage.

"Your arms aren't big enough to carry
the weight of everyone's misfortune."


Yune Sekiei CV: Takase Yasuyuki
【Character Theme: Hope】
Age: ?? / 160cm
The venerated Priest of the Heights, beloved by God.
Contradictory: solemn and distant at times,
but also capable of laughing like a child.

"It's easy. You just have to love me."


Fin Euclase CV: Shingaki Tarusuke
【Character Theme: Faith】
Age: 22 / 182cm
Rank One police officer.
A colleague of the protagonist and her partner at work.
Timid but gentle and calm.

"I'm your friend.
No matter what the others say."


Sachsen Brandenburg
CV: Kameyama Yuji Leader of HOUNDS. Cruel and merciless, he rules over the Sanctuary District.
Cordoa Hasse
CV: Sasa Kenta Rank Three Police Officer. Superior of the main character. He works mainly in the office, supporting the officers in the background.
Vice Gaviezel
CV:Abe Daiki A youth from the Depths. An aggressive and ambitious man. Has a certain connection with Ulrik.
Fitzgerald Evans
CV: Ono Yuya The young master from a noble household, fiancé of the main character.
He works as a secretary to his politician father, Warner.
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