"How does it look?"

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【Fin】"..." 【Cyrus】"..." 【Fin】"Um, Cyrus!" 【Cyrus】"I wanted to know if you think it looks good." 【Cyrus】"Your reaction made the answer quite obvious. That'll be enough. Thank you." 【Fin】"Enough? Wh-What do you mean?"

"Perhaps we need to phrase this in a way you understand."

エルトクリード イベントCG
【Cyrus】"!" Eltcreed arrived, moving as elegantly as ever. 【Cyrus】(He seems so different now...) He was as genial as ever, but his eyes were icy cold. 【Eltcreed】"You see, I trusted you. And yet, you betrayed me. You trampled on my goodwill." 【Man】"Ah... Ah..." 【Eltcreed】"I tried to talk to you about it, but... You rejected that. What a horrible man you are."

"You don't like earthquakes?"

【Cyrus】"That's not what I... I mean, maybe..." 【Cyrus】"They just hardly ever happen in the Heights. I only know about them from books." 【Ulrik】"Haha. So you are afraid of something. That's pretty cute, actually. Here, take my hand." 【Cyrus】"Uh..." 【Ulrik】"We have to walk if we're gonna get there. I'll help you." 【Cyrus】"Th-Thank you, Ulrik."

"No. I don't care."

【Cyrus】"You have to. The people are suffering." 【Cyrus】"Doctors have to help those that are suffering... Right, Adage?" 【Adage】"I don't care. Leave me alone." 【Cyrus】"I'm not going to. You're my..." 【Adage】"Your what?" Adage stopped working on our dinner and looked at me. His piercing glare made it difficult for me to speak. 【Adage】"I'm your what? Exactly?"

"What's funny?"

【Cyrus】"Oh... You looked like a student just now." 【Ines】"In a sense, I am. I'm trying to learn. That is why I asked you how I should address you." 【Cyrus】"I see. I remember my time in school when I see you with that notebook." 【Ines】"Ah... What kind of student were you?" 【Cyrus】"Me? Hm... Normal, I would say."

"So, about you... Are you going to kill me?"

【Yune】"Go on, try... I have high hopes for modern technology." 【Man】"Shut up and die!" 【Cyrus】"!" 【Man】"Aghh!" The moment he pulled the trigger, the gun exploded. The blast was so powerful it blew off his hand and a part of his arm. 【Man】"Ngahhhh!" The man went down on the ground. He was sweating. His lips were pressed together. He could hardly bear the pain. 【Yune】"Well, isn't that nice? You didn't die." Saint Yune's mood wasn't disrupted at all.


【Cyrus】(Fin...) I wasn't mistaken. It was him. Fin Euclase was standing in front of me. 【Fin】"..." Fin took the sword from the man's hand and kicked at the knife in his body. 【Man】"Aghhh!" 【Man】"What the fuck are you doing?!" 【Fin】"I'd like to know what you're doing too."
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