Cainabel Story plot summary

Two years have passed since the unification of the Depths and the Heights, and the creation of a new government.
With those in the Heights now free to choose their own romantic partners, our heroine spends her days ducking meetings with potential suitors arranged by her mother.

One such day, our heroine takes on a new mission.
Joining an expedition tasked with investigating what lies beyond the fog encircling the Depths, she embarks on a journey into the unknown along with Fin, Ulrik, and Adage...
A brand-new world unlike the Heights or the Depths—Cainabel.
Through fresh encounters and exposure to different values, our heroine, still a stranger to love, will build new relationships with her companions.

Strange experiences and encounters in a foreign land.
Before long, changes begin to appear in their relationship as well...


A New Theory plot summary

The Heights, a beautiful utopia in the sky, and the Depths, a filthy mechanical city.
Those living in the Heights have immense power, and despise the Depths.
Born and raised in the Heights herself, our heroine never had much fondness for them.
But after being ordered on a mission to observe the Depths, she finds herself caught up in a cruel twist of fate.

Framed for the murder of her parents, our heroine is sentenced to the Depths, where Sachsen,
leader of the HOUNDS, has been waiting...

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