The Heights are a gorgeous utopia.
The Depths, a filthy industrial wasteland. Our heroine,
raised in the Heights, has nothing but contempt for those below.
Now an observation mission requires her to descend into that world,
and the gears of fate have begun to turn.

This story takes place two years after the "Grand Ending"
from the original Steam Prison.

While riding the "buggy" invented by the engineer (and information broker) Ulrik,
our party arrives in the new land of Cainabel, where they meet a pair of kings.
The story unfolds from there.

The stories of Ulrik, Adage, and Fin take place alongside
the younger king Jevite in this strange land.

Meanwhile Eltcreed, Ines, and Yune clear
the way to Cainabel's future with the elder king Jereme.

You can enjoy this episode and its endings from two points of view,
depending on which party member the heroine travels with.

This release also includes an additional story titled A New Theory.

In A New Theory, our heroine must confront the injustice of her world.
She makes contact with the HOUNDS in order to clear her name,
and decides to forge a new path for herself...


Enjoy stories from two different
worldviews in one package!!

The Cainabel Story picks up from the Grand Ending in the original game.
The Cainabel Story introduces two new characters, each with their own ending!
Not only that, but you can get engaged to each character at the end of their route...?!

Sentenced to the Depths, our heroine forges a new path in A New Theory.
The story revolves around Sachsen, the hard-nosed leader of the HOUNDS.

Minigame Petit Prison

This spot-the-difference game is packed full of adorable chibi characters and loaded with reaction voices!

Steam Prison bonuses

And of course, it comes with plenty of Steam Prison bonuses, too!
Multilingual subtitle support included for voice extras.

Equipped with “summary“

Includes a summary of the events of the Grand Ending for players starting with this title, or for those who want a refresher during their downtime.


Language: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese)
※Voice in Japanese only

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